Road rage: ‘Heavy police presence’ in Gqeberha on Thursday


Gqeberha was transformed into a post-apocalyptic scene on Wednesday evening when protesters torched minibus taxis, private vehicles and shops after a road rage incident.

Motorists and pedestrians tried to find safety amid gunshots and vandalism when violence broke out on Durban Road in Korsten shortly before 7 pm.

As reported on Wednesday, the hashtag ‘Somalians’ was trending on social media. Some condemned the violence, others voiced their concerns over how the violence could affect the wider community.

Road rage violence update

Saps spokesperson Priscilla Naidu said on Thursday the situation “was still tense”.

Police reportedly tried to restore calm, and will be investigating cases of public violence. Some shops were petrol-bombed, however, no one was injured.

A taxi allegedly collided with a private vehicle. Before long, eight minibus taxis were set alight, along with two private vehicles and shops along Durban Road.

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Naidu on Wednesday said there was “allegedly a motor vehicle accident between an Audi and a taxi on Wednesday.” She adds:

“The taxi driver alighted from the vehicle and started to assault the driver of the Audi. The businessmen of the area came to the assistance of the Audi driver”.

A group of taxi drivers confronted the businessmen and attacked the driver of the Audi before setting his vehicle alight.

Compiled by Cheryl Kahla.

Source: citizen