Naked Lockdown: Russian Chefs Protest On Social Media Over Income Lack (Photos)



While demanding for authorities to allow them to start serving their clients, Russian restaurant owners decided to do the unimaginable on social media by posting naked photos of themselves.

This came from chefs who have been stripped of their income by the coronavirus lockdown even as they protest for their businesses to be allowed to reopen.

In line with this, hundreds of bar, restaurant and cafe employees posted photographs of themselves naked with carefully positioned plates, cups, saucepans, bottles, bar stools and napkin holders last week.

While speaking to the press, the owner of the Relab Family bar chain in the city of Kazan, Arthur Galaychyuk whose 20 employees took part in the campaign explained that they are naked because they are left with nothing.

It is also apt to note that restaurants in Kazan have been allowed to open their summer terraces on June 11.

This is coming after more than two months of lockdown.

“We don’t want to stage a strip show or to fool around, we only want one thing – to work!” said Pavel, a chef from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, in a post with a group picture of his colleagues wearing only masks and holding kitchenware.

“We don’t pose more of a risk then supermarkets, shopping malls, hair salons or public transport,” the post said.

Nevertheless, President Vladimir Putin ordered strict lockdown measures at the end of March shutting all businesses except food stores and pharmacies. The country’s regions were allowed to adjust the measures depending on the situation on the ground.

Moscow is in the process of lifting the lockdown and many businesses, including shopping malls, book stores and beauty salons have reopened.

The Russian capital plans to allow cafes and restaurants to open their outside terraces later in June before reopening fully from June 23. Indoor restaurants and bars remain closed in other parts of Russia.