‘I don’t date sugar mummies for money’ – Amerado opens up on his preference for dating older women


Ghanaian rapper, Amerado recently opened up about his preference for dating older women, disregarding societal norms.

In an interview with popular radio host, Nana Romeo, the artist emphasized the importance of maintaining a reasonable age gap in relationships and avoiding extreme differences, such as dating someone the age of his mother.

Amerado pointed out that if one were to analyze his dating history, they would notice that all of his partners have been older than him. He naturally finds himself attracted to women who possess more life experience and maturity.

“My genuine preference lies in being attracted to women who are older than me, irrespective of what society dictates. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the age gap is reasonable, avoiding extreme disparities like dating someone the age of my mother. Instead, I prefer a difference of a year or a few years,” he expressed.

Contrary to common misconceptions, Amerado clarified that his preference is not about exploiting older women, often referred to as ‘sugar mummies,’ for financial gain. His attraction is genuine and stems from a desire to connect with individuals who have acquired valuable life experiences and exhibit a certain level of maturity.

“If you observe the women I have dated, you’ll find that none of them are younger than me. I naturally gravitate towards older women,” he added.

Amerado also emphasized that his dedication to his craft as a rapper and his drive to succeed in his career contradicts the notion of solely relying on financial support from wealthy partners. He works diligently and passionately, showcasing his commitment to his craft and his independence.

“It’s not about taking advantage of sugar mummies for financial gain; rather, it’s a genuine attraction to someone with more life experience and maturity,” he stated.