‘I could claim it’ – Stonebwoy acknowledges he could be Ghana’s richest musician


Ghanaian superstar, Stonebwoy has confidently embraced the notion of being the wealthiest artist in Ghana, emphasizing that he possesses more than enough resources to cater for himself and his family.

In an appearance on Joy News’ PM Express talk show, Stonebwoy was asked about the perception of him being the richest musician in Ghana. With a bright smile, he chuckled and wholeheartedly agreed that there was a strong possibility that he could indeed hold the title of the country’s wealthiest artist.

Expanding on his statement, Stonebwoy explained that he believes his financial status is secure as he is able to provide for himself and his family without any concerns.

He attributed his substantial wealth to his successful ventures in music, endorsements, and business, which have allowed him to amass a substantial fortune.

During the interview, Stonebwoy shared insights into his journey to stardom and his rise to becoming a household name in Ghana’s music industry. He attributed his success to his unwavering dedication and exceptional talent.

Stonebwoy has had many remarkable achievements in his career, having won numerous international awards and local ones.

Coupled with his captivating stage presence and impressive lyrical skills, Stonebwoy has solidified his status as an icon in the country’s entertainment industry.