Old Egyptian Songs that Scream Summer


During the summer months – as you bathe in the summer’s sun until it rolls over into the west, and the moon slips in for a cool breezy night, there isn’t a finer friend than music. Whether played through cassette tapes or heard in motion pictures, Egyptian songs have a particular joy to them, evoking nostalgic feelings amidst the newness of modern hit moldies.

With music that inspired generations from the 1950s until the 1980s, here is our selection from Egyptian oldies that take us back to the flare of past tunes.

Baheb Etnein Sawa (El Maya wel Hawa) – Laila Mourad (1952)

Khadna El-Agaza – Soad Hosny (1968)

Doko El-Shamasi – Abdel Halim Hafez (1969)

Tayer ya Hawa – Mohamed Roshdy (1970)

Ana Ba’shaa El Bahr – Nagat Al-Saghira (1980)

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